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We provide fun educational guided SCUBA* and Snorkel tours in San Diego area.  While on your vacation join our NAUI certified adventure guides and discover the beautiful underwater world of La Jolla Cove. La Jolla diving tops many vacation to do lists especially San Diego things to do. Clear water visibility, gentle rolling waves, kelp beds, underwater caves and an abundance of reserve-protected underwater sea life attracts scuba divers and snorkelers.

Frolic among marine nature where you’ll often come face-to-face with colorful fish, giant black sea bass, moray eels, stingrays, bat rays, sand sharks, leopard sharks and some of the largest lobsters you’ll ever see.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced diver, when it comes to aquatic adventures, San Diego Scuba Guide offers the safest experience and most knowledgeable guidance throughout your tour. We conduct daily guided SCUBA and snorkel tours to La Jolla kelp forest and sea caves. Protected since 1929, the La Jolla Cove Ecological Reserve is the oldest marine reserve in the state of California. San Diego Snorkeling or SCUBA diving tour is an experience your family will remember forever. Your tour will be led by a certified NAUI Instructor trained in marine biology who will be answering all your questions about the history of the reserve and the marine life you will have a pleasure to experience. It is an amazing opportunity to encounter California Sea lions and harbor seals, enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of the kelp forest and explore the secrets of underwater sea caves.

Join us for the night dive at La Jolla Shores Canyon. Rich underwater marine life and calm waters make scuba diving particularly popular at the south end of La Jolla Shores. We also offer daily boat dives to the Coronado Islands, wreck alley, the HMCS Yukon and other unforgettable diving sites in San Diego Area.

San Diego Scuba Guide offers the most comprehensive diving programs in San Diego area. If you would like to get certified as a Scuba Diver, if you are looking for a specialty diving program or if you would like to join us for a refresher course call 1-858-397-8213 to join our small group classes or schedule your private Scuba Certification Course.

*Proof of valid certification card required to join our Guided SCUBA tour. We accept NAUI, PADI, SSI, BSAC, CMAS, etc. If you are not a certified diver join our Scuba Adventure for non-divers.

Call 1-858-397-8213 to schedule your guided SCUBA or Snorkel Adventure or click the link below to reserve online now.

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